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Don't leave out one of the most important parts. The glass. The day before a show, I use polishing compound on a clean white t-shirt to clean and polish the glass. The inside is a little more difficult with defrosters and tinting. Just use a t-shirt of towel with a glass cleaner that you are comfortable with.
A glass cleaner I like is "GM Glass Cleaner". Besides using it on my windows..it works great on my tranparent tinted top too.

Glass Cleaner & Towels

Griot's Garage has a great glass cleaner and some wonderful lint-free towels. :upthumbs

I forget who it was now, but it was somebody from this forum that turned me on to it. :cool
Polishing compound


I did that once with my 4x4 when I lived in the desert. I figured if it made the truck look good, the glass would sparkle too.
Well..I oops! Not realizing my windshield was pitted from the sand storms and off-roading on a daily basis, I ended up having thousands of tiny white dots all over the glass! :eek

It eventually washed out, or melted out.. :L

Thanks for the tip, I will try it on the Vette!

Shay :crazy

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