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GM hot cam = higher coolant temps


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Apr 22, 2003
92 Dark Red Coupe
GM hot cam = higher coolant temps???

I was recently told that the Hot cam would make my c4 run hotter.
Anybody experience this???
Right now my temps run 188* cruzing and 205* in traffic with the AC on. I have no problem with these temps, but would not want them consistently over 220*.

Thanks… Denver :w
Anything that makes more power, makes more heat. With all other things being the same.

It shouldnt affect them extraordinarily though.
A $7.00 bottle of Water Wetter should take care of that!:L
The thermostat governs a engines temperature not the camshaft.:upthumbs
I just had the Hot Cam installed in my 92, along with some other mods and the operating temperatures have not changed.

The 160 stat means that I see 175 on the low end after warm up on these fall/winter days and it doesn't go over 210 just sitting because that is were the fans come on.

BTW, I'm using DexCool.
Thanks everyone, I'm running the 180 tstat now, I will have my fans turned on sooner with the new chip and if my temps still go up after the cam install I will switch to the 160.
If your new chip turns on the fans sooner, go ahead an install the 160 stat.

You don't want the stat getting fully open only to have the fans turn on and cool the temp down enough to start closing the stat. Not a good thing.

Besides the stat only controls the lower end of the temp. If you're running high temps after turning the fans on sooner, then you have a problem with the cooling system.

Don't remove the stat either. Unless you like freezing in the winter because the heater can't get hot enough to warm the inside of the car.
Yes a more radical cam will cause a C4 to run hot. I have experienced this firsthand. I have a C4 built with a custom ground cam and it always runs hotter than it did before. It took me years and $$$$$ to fix this, so think twice before you leap.

By the way the fix consisted of a larger, better radiator, updated water pump, 160 t-stat, better fans and blades ,and a different prom to turn the fans on at 175 instead of 226. The temp still creeps up in traffic on hot days to the 230 mark and doesnt come down till I move. BTW ,I also use water wetter.

Hope this helps

If you go radical enough, you'll probably generate more heat.

However, the original question was specifically about the "HOT CAM". I'm using the Hot Cam and I'm not seeing anything different or unusual.

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