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God Bless 4 Wheel Disc Brakes



I was out for a leisurely sat drive with the wife, she was kind enough to let me drive. We were cruising thru the winding mountain roads having a good time, hair flying out the t-tops good tunes playing in the deck, enjoying the golden nectar which is my ice cold dr pepper. Come around a very sharp curve and holy **** batman theres a fricking lincoln continental in the middle of the road. Stopped on a dime, dr pepper every where.

The little old lady stopped in the middle of a blind curve to READ A MAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well i needed to vent, could have been worse, thanks for the brakes chevyman.
Joeverb said:
Stopped on a dime, dr pepper every where.

Whew, close call man! Good thing you spilled the Dr Pepper or you'd still be explaining to your wife why you wet your britches.:L:L Oh yeah, nice save on the the car. If it's any consolation, the old lady probably soiled her bloomers too.

Good thing you don't have my brakes:bang.

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