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Good Pics of my 87!!!!


Gone but not forgotten
Feb 12, 2002
Annapolis Maryland
1987 Redskin Red Coupe
here ya go! first one is from across the severn river over looking the naval acadamy. second is overlooking the severn river bridge on opposite side :)
maybe one day????????

met this guy at miccy'D's hanging out. he had the mini ram setup with NOS on it........come to find out i didn't know he had nos on it was well hidden but said it ran easy 12.8's on motor.......sorta reminded me of Ken's 87 coupe crossed with 69myway's miniram setup :D
heres a pic of Rob's ZR-1

with ( i can't remember his name but owns Z06.net) a Z06 hanging tuff at the BK get together 2 weekends ago :) directly in front is Nut in his 81 1 of 3 primered cars ordered

thanks fella's! i keep her clean as i can for a weekend cruiser. i got some parts coming soon but probably will just horde them for awhile until i decide on what i want to do.....lol :D

thanks! thats why i call it "Redskin" red :D was hard for me not to buy a black car since thats all i've bought in the past...lol although polo green is sweet also :) from what i gathered here from fellow CAC'ers is the rims were factory from 88-90 models only so the person who owned the car before me purchased them. They are polished also. I like the body kit you got on the lower part of the door runners. who makes that kit? i'm usually not into body kits liking the stock look but i think GM should of flared them sorta like yours.


When you know it, I know it. The former owner had it installed.....euh, let's see what I can do...ah, I attach a closer pic!
Thanks for sharing your nice pictures! I always enjoy seeing my favoite supercar...........the CORVETTE!

Radar :beer :s

hey johnny,
thanks for sharing i just think it's so much cleaner looking with the flair's reminds me of my cammy. very unique and tasteful kit :) i think i'd go with that style if i could find it and had some extra $$$ got some go fast goodies coming first :D


thanks man! one of my lady friends tells me i'm like a lil'kid with a go-kart :L

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