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Good Place To Buy Opti-spark ?


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Nov 22, 2001
colton, oregon, usa
'93 Black 6 Speed
Well, after taking the opti-spark off (inspired by the suggestion of you all) and rounding up all the odball tools to take the darn thing apart the conclusion is....its time to buy a new one ! The inside was so rusted and gunked up it's a wonder the thing ran. So, I'm open for suggestions on an economical place to buy a replacement. Also, can I put a '95 model on that has the vent tubes ? I would think that would help make it last longer. This is on the wifes '94 T/A to refresh your memories.


Give the below a try, I don't have an opti on mine so I can't help with which ones fix. I have ordered parts from Jeff, very helpful and he knows his stuff, and good prices.

Jeff Kopp
Superior Chevrolet
Wholesale Office - Parts Department
800-728-8267 913-384-3115
Jeppie, thanks for the suggestion - but they didn't have any. I went with a local dealer who had one....$465.00 ouch ! But the other two dealers I called wanted $627. None of the local autoparts stores seemed to even know what it was !! Probably could have found someone that delt in rebuilds, but didn't look that hard. I think I'll poke around and see if I can find parts to rebuild the bad one so I have a spare - especially since I have two cars that have the darn things. Anyone have a suggestion for sourcing internal parts for these things ? Like the slotted disk and the shaft seal ????

That's strange, were they out of stock or not able to get it at all ??
Be sure that you get the correct opti-spark part number, the Camaro / Firebird units are different than the Corvette. The dist. Cover is different, as is some of the internals, can't remember exactly. The way I discovered this is in looking around for rebuild kits for my 93 Vette I found out that there are no rebuild parts for the vette, but there are parts available for the Camaro. The PNs are different between the Vette and Camaro, I was hoping for the Camaro price way to fix the Vette. Doesn't work.
What did to start finding the lowest price on the entire unit was I just typed in opti-spark or the part number on my search engine and looked at the most promising sites to begine researching. It took about 30 minutes to find the best prices, but it saved me about $200.00 on a brand new opti-spark.
Just called More Performance. They are for the corvette. Sounds like a good deal compared to the prices he was quoted.
Hey Worthy, Retired out of the 2nd Combat Comm Gp at Patrick. Heading there in the AM enroute to Key West. I thought of making it a career myself but after 22 I gave it up. Guess I couldn't hack it huh? Talk to you when I return.
Try EBay

I spend a lot of time surfing EBay (Bought my 95 Vette' there) I found (3) new factory GM optispark units there tonight. I had put in LT1 for a search, you can also put in Optispark & check the box below the search box for search "titles & descriptions" I have seen new units close for $180 & up. It just depends on who all bids, some people get excited & run items way up, other groups of people take it easy & keep the price low. I can tell you this, you must bid as the auction is closing or someone will play "sniper" on ya' & beat you out by a few dollars. I put the Optisparks in my "watch list" I am waiting on a new one to go fairly low. I figure with the Optispark a spare never hurts....

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