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Got road damaged over the holiday..need help!!



short story , Raining hard on mountain road wed. Almost made it over the rock..wham, smashed both exhast pipes where they run under the strut mount bracket. One pipe smashed to half diameter..yikes..I left with a fine tuned 69 corvette and returned two days later limping in and sounding like a thrashed old plymouth..Could have been "much" worse though:eyerole

Im going to set back up with Hooker Side Mounts if It doesnt turn to somekind of installation nightmare on my car :bang

Chris..Anyone...Do you know if these driverside powersteering components, shown in the pic , will interfere with the headers as the run out to the drivers side of the car.
Ive looked at a bunch of outside pics of the Hookers and It seems to me, that PS stuff would be right in the path of the driverside header..
Does anyone know for sure that the Hookers are made to clear those PS mounts and hoses:confused

Any help, advice ect..is greatly appreciated.:w
This may be a bit clearer..

This may help a little..
Thanks Keith..
Yeah Im just getting started doing that:w
Looking at these pics of the power steering stuff, makes me curious if there's any new information about converting a Saginaw 800 steering box. Did you find anything out, Keith? I'm ready to yank out that cylinder and slave unit, if I can find something better and more simple. I went to a car show today, but didn't see anything that was helpful in this area. If anyone has uncovered some information, let me know. --Bullitt
The look of the hooker pipe is not really what it appears to be. It actually goes from four into one, then back to four, then out the side. So, the part that goes under the frame rail is not as bulky as it appears from the outside.

This is a good question based upon the picture, but I have not heard of anybody having trouble with the power steering mount, and can't recall there being any disclaimer on the advertisements for the sidepipes regarding that either.

You are going to love the look. There is a maroon 69 rag top just south of me that I see once in a while curising up and down the main drag. I even followed him to a gas station one night to get a better look. You won't regret the price and time, cuz it looks awesome. He did tell me that he burned his leg.......once. I heard the same thing from a fellow with a 69 and sidepipes down in Kissimmee. Both he and his wife burned their legs.......once. The fellow still had a scar.
Someone sent me some excellent driverside install pics of the Hookers. Yep your right as usual Chris. It is deceiving, they come togeather, then go around the south side of the PS cylinder mount, then out to the side. I just couldn't get myself to order them without a look at what goes on right there! I ordered them from summit(reno)..Chrome Headers, side tube, and glasspack insert, and they'll be here in 1-3 days.
Anyone want to see that pic I looked at, Ill post it.
Thanks all..
PS, I cant wait to burn my leg for the first time:gap
My sidepipes on the '67 big block were were 4 tubes all the way out. You are right. you will only burn yourself once. You also warn people about the pipes when they get in your car after a few of them scream.
Folks been burnin their legs for decades on their Hookers but their selling them in a quantity that merits production.
And they are still worth every penny! This is my second Vette with Hookers & I still love em but realize all to well they bite.
Let us know what you think after you get them on the road!
If you're a leg man there's nothing better than Hooker side pipes on a vette. The ladies all appreciate your concern when you warn them as they get in.:D
Heh..Heh The real reason for getting them, surfaces:beer

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