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Gove compartment lock



I everyone. I'm new here. I am in the process of restoring my interior of my '79. My glove compartment lock rattles constantly. It locks and it closes fine. It is just loose. I can't seem to get the lock out of the door. It seems that there should be a clip of some sort to hold the tumbler in tightly. Any hints?:confused:
glove compartment

The glove door on my 78 is hanging a bit loose, I have seen where I can tighten it by moving the u-shaped piece that it latches to. (when the tools come out of storage) Would that help yours, or is it the actual lock itself that's loose?
If you mean the front glovebox door, my understanding is that you have to remove the lock assembly and screw the remaining parts together. Since I didn't know that then and had the same problem I wraped string around mine on the inside. Not firm, but no rattles.

The 78s horn button rattles...and everytime Hubby drives it I find a matchbook cover wedged under the edge!
Don't you just gotta love the genius behind "Guy-Thinking". :D My '72 did that too Sil... it was a royal pain to fix. New kit and a LOT of patience. :s

.......... Nut
Go to the following address. There is a fairly good description of how to remove the
cylinder. After removing the cylinder, you can then tighten up the lock and just replace
the cylinder. Be sure to note the way the cylinder came out and put back in the same
way. I think the description if for a Chevelle but I did the exact same thing on my '79.


Hope this helps.
Glove Box Lock

Roy, Thanks a million. Now I don't have to take a chisel and BIG hammer to it.:J
Hi, good link, now I`ll try and fix mine. Under severe acceleration my glove box door has a habit of flying open and dumping it`s contents onto the lap of anyone stupid enough to go out with me.


glove box dumping

JHL, it must be the G-forces!


glove box lock

Hi everyone. Just want to follow up after going to the site and reading the information. 5 minutes later the lock was apart, in my hand. the rattle was caused by a loose lock ring that holds the lock cylinder against the back of the glove box door. There is a stop built into the cylinder, so I fashioned a thin gasket out of very thin, clear lexan sheet that I use for windsheilds in my model vettes. 10 minutes later, the lock is reinstalled, tight as can be.:s
Thanks vettart for the follow-up

I'm saving this post to my tech file... Thanks vetart for letting us know your fix...

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