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Nov 2, 2000
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Help! I'm going crazy! I have looked everwhere I can think of and I have yet to find anyone that has 1/18th scale models of the '96 Grand Sport. I think I'm going to be reduced to buying a '96 model and having it re-painted to be a GS. Anyone care to save me the heartache, and let me in on the secret of where to find one of these modles?
lol, thanks JT. It occured to me shortly after I made this post that I had not thought to look at e-bay. At the moment I am in the lead of the big 1/18th scale model.
Cool. Good luck!!....twiget, do you have any pics of your GS showing the Borla's??
eBay is usually your best bet, Jason. The Maisto 1:18th GS convertible models come up quite often. Be advised there are two versions... one with the thin white pinstripes and one without, both with black interior. I have two of each. Thinking about painting the interior red in one of them.

There were no 1:18th GS coupes produced that I've been able to find. By the same token, there were no GS convertible promos, only coupes and all with red interior. I have seen some promo coupes that were converted into convertibles, but the only ones I've seen were poorly done.

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