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Nov 2, 2000
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Ok, anyone know of these people? I got their catalog in the mail today and started looking thorugh it. They got some interesting stuff. It's good timing too. I'm getting ready to make my "Summer Car Care" purchase here shortly... Time to refesh my Zaino stockpile!:D

We got that catalog today, too!
...very interesting stuff! Hubby just glommed on to it!
Thanks Ken. Now that you bring it up I remember that post. Looks like I have a few things to add to my wish list for the show season.:)

they are a little pricey, but have some real good stuff and great customer service. I use a bunch of their products, and they have the best window cleaner I have been able to find.:cool:
Thanks for the info PleasurePig. Cleaning the windows has always been something that kicks my butt. No matter what I do there are streaks. Maybe I'll give their stuff a try.


P.S. Welcome to the Corvette Action Center.
Pleasure Pig said:
...and they have the best window cleaner I have been able to find.:cool:

Pig, that's one thing I haven't tried from Griot's Garage - the glass cleaner. Now it'll just be a matter of days before I do; I saw your reply and, like Jason, figured I'd try it too. :D

Their web site is greatly improved since my last visit, I see. That is such a cool place to shop. :L

Make sure you get their lint free windshield towel too, these thing might be the key to "streak free"

I also just picked up their devise for the hard to reach parts of the windshield, like the corners and around the HUD on the '99. I haven't tried this yet but will soon. :)
Griot's / Facom Rachet wrenches

Griots have the finest rachet wrenches I've ever used!!!!

My Craftsman std's are 32 teeth, my fine tooth is around 42 teeth. I'm no sure about my Snap-on but
it's got to be around 32.

The Facom's are 72 teeth!!!!! When you are in a tight spot and cannot move your rachet back enough
to catch the next tooth.........you appreciate this fine tooth wonder. They reverse by a thumb wheel
rather than the lever style I hate because I'm forever bumping the lever into the opposite direction I'm
working in.

They look pricy.....sure, maybe $10.00 more then a Craftsman........But they are still cheaper than a
tank of high test gas nowadays. And you'll have it forever!!!

PP, well I got the window cleaner and towels as recommended and I must say that I am very impressed. BIG difference! :D

I washed the Vette one day, used Griot's "Clay Bar" and "Speed Shine" the next, and will probably wax it tomorrow. LOOKIN' GOOD! :J

John, I've been wondering about the "Facom" tools. Sounds like a good recommendation you've got there. :cool

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