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Apr 15, 2003
2005 C6 LeMans Blue
:cry I guess this is more of a gripe than anything else, I bought a new C6 with the Nav package, and of course it only has one CD, well if you read the manual (at least me) I get the impression that you can make a CD using MP3's....well if you can, I must be stupid because I have tried and tried and I can't get it to work, but it just doesn't make sense, the 6 CD changer will play MP3's and you really don't need it to because you have 6 CD's to choose from, on the other hand you would think GM would have had enough insight to think "Hmmmm only one CD player, lets make MP3's available so the driver will have more songs to choose from since he only has one CD...DUHHHHHH!
I hope I am dead wrong on this and someone out there has figured out how to do this.......if so would you please let me know.............
And if this is true and it really won't play MP3's can someone out there tell me what I need to do to either get it (3rd party) to play MP3's, do I need a new unit? something to add on?:confused



O.K. Caddy. Here's what I did. Make sure you have the latest version of Windows Media Player. I think its 9. I have all my mp3 music on my hard drive in my music folder. Open the windows media player and select which songs you want to put on the disc. I actually used a CD-RW and it worked but I'm assuming a CD-R will work as well. Your selected songs will show in the right hand column. When you have your songs selected, on the bottom of the right column it says burn CD. Windows media converts the files to Audio Tracks and burns them on the CD. I just tried this and the quality was very good. This also allows you to make custom CD's with whatever songs you want.

I'm still playing with labeling songs and such but at least this will get you started. I'll keep you posted on my progress. And let me know how you do. I'll keep an eye on this thread.

Bill :w

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