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Group Header purchase. Delivered to BG in May for Gathering!


Nov 29, 2001
Hello all!

This is a blatant spam, okay'd by Rob...:) That being said:

I just wanted to make this offer as we are getting closer and closer to ZR-1 Weekend. Those of you who are wanting my LT5 headers, now's the time. If you want headers to pick up ZR-1 weekend I need to know(and have your checks) by next Friday(March 15). If you want headers shipped to your door I can do that as well. Shipping would be 50 bucks delivered to your door or free to BG(I'm going anyway).

For those of you who haven't heard, these are 2" 304 Stainless(will not rust like 409) full-length headers, 3/8" flange, all accessories(including O2 sensor bungs) included for installation. Cost is $895 and there will be no shipping involved(if I bring to BG). Several people that frequent this Forum have installed these headers so I have testimonials if needed... Please reply to usa_won@yahoo.com for further details, thanks!

You can see pics of the headers at this url:

brians headers are really nice. I saw the prototypes last year at BG. I just emailed VA LT5 registry members. if anyone wants these headers, but can't make BG, please let me know. fo $20 I will bring them back to VA and hook up with you to save a few dollars shipping. headers really help the LT5 rev free and keep that flat torque curve nice and fat. and the sound of an LT5 at full cackle is savage music to be sure.

I rode in robin b's LPE 500 hp car in fla and I still can't stop thinking of that car!!! what a ride.

let me know if you are interested, I'm trying to help brian drum up some business here.


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