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Guage change-step by step-large pics, be patient


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Okay, Nut wanted to know what was involved, etc. to do this silver face gauge conversion.

First of all, the center gauges (2 1/16") fit in perfect after you remove the rear housing from the stock center panel. I have also provided a side by side shot of the tach (stock to custom). What I did there is make a ring out of 3/16" aluminum that fits the outside body of the new gauge and rivits up to the rear of the stock trim housing.

Total cost is around $650. This also included a $80 fuel pressure gauge, but they also offer a clock for about $40 instead. This is a total electric conversion meaning no more oil line in the interior, and no delicate temp line to feed through the firewall. The speedo goes to 160 and includes a unit that screws to the trans and converts to an electric pulse.

These are the Auto Meter Pro Comp Ultra Light series. They also have black face. The speedo and tach are considred 5" units.

I will do this in two posts to cut down on the load.


back view

Here is a side by side shot of the stock tach and the custom tach. Obviously I will have the speedo where the tach is in this pic. Also, please note that this is a junk instrument panel. Good for testing and cutting. Good news is, there is NO cutting to any of the stock components to do this swap.

Up close on the 5" gauge mounting plate.

I cut this simply using a jig saw and aluminum cutting blade in about five minutes. I drilled and pop rivited it to the area where the stock gauge guts normaly mount.

Chris, You are a man among men. :D Everything but dimesional drawings. Outstanding. My printer has been going all morning. Many thanks, and I think I speak for all of us on that. Sorry about the infection. You take care. Keep sending the warm air up north!!

Later....... Nut :grinsanta
OMG, this is tooooooo cool Just got the speedo in today. That and the oil pressure came from a different warehouse. This was an added bonus, the odometer/trip odometer is DIGITAL. I had no idea. That is way awesome.

too nice

Chris that instrument panel will really set your car apart from all the rest. You really have a nack for making things work, and do a professional looking job of it. I just don't know where you get the time to do all the work, play on the computer, take photos and still have a real job. You must not sleep much.
Keep up the good work.,,,,,,,,,Roy
Golly Chris, you're going twenty miles-per-hour and your still in the box! :eek

_ken :w
Honest Officer, I swear, this car goes 20 mph sitting still, so you have to subtract that from what you clocked me doing.........

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