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Gymkhana suspension



Does anyone know where I can get an original FE7 Gymkhana suspension setup for my 1979 L-82? I also want the F51 shocks to go with it. Also, what are they measuring, when they say that the width is 2 1/2" vs 2 1/4" on the spring? Is the width when I'm looking at the spring from the top or the side? Thanks in advance for the answers. Oh yeah, I'm not interested in a fiberglass spring, especially if it's from Vette Brakes & Products....been there done that, and the spring blew up on me.
stingray l82

I suppose you did your homework. What are the benifits of the gymkahna suspension, and the f-51 shocks? I need to redo my front and rear suspension and I'm suspension stupid!! I just did my body mounts and It looks as if I have the original shocks, I thought all vettes had the front and rear sway bars, but not mine! My leafspring also looks pretty sad.

Wamp '74
I have the gymkahna suspension on my vette although I need a complete suspension rebuild. Just to add to the discussion, one of my vette restoration books suggest going with a softer 9 leaf spring with solid rear sway bar. He offers that the sway bar is what really gives rear end control and the spring simply supports the rear of the car.



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