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Had an 'X' exhaust pipe put on. Big difference !



The throttle response was immediately noticable. So is the sound. Really made a difference on the BB. The guy at Midas Muffler installed it very neatly just behind the cross member that the exhuast pipes go thru. I got the X pipe with fittings from Jegs . It took the Midas installer a while to bend the exhaust piping just right so it lined up with the mufflers from the X , but he did a super job. I cannot show you a pic, but i like it alot.

The car still goes 'rumpity rump' at idle but is much quieter at speeds over 40 mph. SO, i can hear the radio now. I had them install RAVIN very low restriction performance mufflers last year, so, with those mods and a 2.5 " total exhaust sysytem (incl. the tips)... it has made a big difference.

Just wanted to pass the info along in case you were thinking about it. The noise now , is a deeper less resonant sound than before....but still sounds high performancey .

SwaveDave said:
a 2.5 " total exhaust sysytem (incl. the tips)...

Hey there Dave, how are you doing?
I'm curious to know where you found 2.5" tips (and do they look like the stock tips)?
When I had the H pipe installed with the Flowmasters, the guy wound up cutting down the old tips and welding them onto the mufflers, but he commented that they had a 2" output so they'd be a little restrictive but probably not noticeably...
I thought I was crazy when I thought I noticed an improvement in throttle response with the new setup, glad to know I'm not completely crazy :crazy ...
Barb :w

I bought a set of new Exhaust Tips which are 2 inch. Then i went over to a Machine Shop in Grayslake called Steves Manufacturing (downtown) and had them bored out to 2 9/16" (they charged $40 total). Then i gave them to the guy at Midas Muffler to install over the 2.5" tail pipes. Then once i got the vette home , i painted everything with a high temp gloss black incl. inside the Exhaust Tips .

An 'H' pipe is good, but i heard that an 'X' equalizes the exhaust pressure better from the Heads. I picked up some extra torque im sure...mostly at low end id say.

Are you coming with the Corvette Club up to LaCrosse, Wisc in 2 weeks for The Fall Color Run ??? We rent the BestWestern Motel for the weekend and go on a 5 hour run up and down the mountains on the Minnesota side - 300 vettes all lined up in a row. People sit outside on thier front porches and watch as we go by. Theres a fancy dinner and dancing in the evening and a super sunday brunch . Then alot of folks go back by way of the Mississippi River . It should be listed on the CLubs Website at www.sunburstcorvetteclub.com (it is open to anyone who has a Vette). Fun weekend.

SwaveDave said:
...an 'X' equalizes the exhaust pressure better from the Heads.

That as well as it helps to scavenge the exhaust from the cylinder so that more mixture can fit in the hole. More fuel/air (with the right spark of course) = more power. ;)
SwaveDave said:
Are you coming with the Corvette Club up to LaCrosse, Wisc in 2 weeks for The Fall Color Run ???

Wish I could, but we're supposed to be going to Cancun that weekend, though I haven't gotten the airline tickets yet (waiting for all the "special deals" I keep hearing about...)

Besides that, with all the problems she's been giving me this year, I just don't have the good karma I need to do a trip that long right now... :(

Hope you have fun, and maybe we'll make it next year.
Barb :w
Racer78 said:
as opposed to a x if you just welded in a connector pipe between the left and right...

Keith, that was the old idea -- an "H" pipe. ;)

'X'= the square root of 'H' + Headers x 2.5" collectors - exh. backpressure of 'C' (cylinder heads) x {gas pedal in fully depressed mode + driver with need for max. velocity } + rumpity rump pleasing sound .

(no wonder i did bad in algebra...i was dreaming of Auto Mechanics 101 ).


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