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Happy Fourth


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Jan 2, 2003
(2) Callaway's (2) ZR1 (1) supercharged 35th
I felt like it was the Fourth of July tonight, went to Carlisle fair grounds in PA. watched the fireworks, very nice display.

Happy Fourth too all :)
The Fair Grounds in Carlisle look the same minus the snow and cold.
Soon, those grounds will be covered with corvette's. :D
its only the 3rd of July here yet. :ugh
are you in a time capsule ? I thought time difference was only a few hours.

anyhow, happy 4th of July tomorrow :w

I am living very close to the Volkel Military airbase where lots of Americans work and live so I am getting to see some cool fireworks too :_rock
:L I'm getting a new battery in my car today so my spark plugs will make some fireworks and my car will start on the first try. Happy 4th everyone.
Wishing you all the very best on this great day!..



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