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Hard Starting....




I have been trying to figure out a starting problem I have with my '92 Corvette. After letting the car sit for an hour after driving, I get an extended crank and it takes longer for the engine to start. I have checked for the injectors leaking, and they are fine. I have also checked the pressure regulator, and it is fine. I replaced the coil because the resistance was a little low on the old one (still within spec), but the problem still persists. If the car sits overnight, the next morning it starts right up, and after it does start hard, if it is turned off and started back up right away it starts right up.

I was told to check and make sure the injectors were pulsing while cranking over the motor. So I drove the car and let it sit for an hour, and then disconnected one of the injector plugs and hooked up an LED. When I turned the key to the ON position without cranking the motor, the light came on and went out. This tells me that the injectors are putting fuel into the motor before it is even cranked. I went ahead and cranked it over, and the light flashed as the injectors pulsed, and it took a while to start. I shut it off and turned the key to the ON position again without cranking and this time the injectors did not turn on, which I think is correct. I then cranked the motor and the light flashed and the motor started right up.

What would cause the injectors to pulse when the key is turned on, but the motor is not started? I am thinking that this is my problem and the motor is getting flooded, which makes it take longer to start. If this is not a problem, what else could cause the hard starting?



Welcome Domenic. There are othe forum members here with more experience than I, concerning fuel injection in the C4 Corvettes. So, I'll let them tackle that problem. My thought is that your starter is experiencing heat soak or is just getting old. Has it been replaced or is it the original factory piece? It could be that the soleniod is just getting hot and need time to cool down. That's my .02.



The motor cranks over quickly all the time, it just takes longer for it to start. The starter is turning the motor over fine when it is hard to start, it is just that I have to keep cranking until it starts.


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