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hard to find parking brake!



Well the brakes are starting to squeak, started just the other day. I went to buy the brakes and they did not have the parking break. This was at Autozone. So then I called Pep Boys and then Checkers and nope, they did not carry it.

Whats up with that?

Is it just a low wear item, so they don't carry it?
What thickness should the pad be?
What thickness should the rotors be?

I know that i can order it through VBP ($109.95 item#11662, ouch!) but I figured I could get it from the local stores. I want to replace everything just for peace of mind. Any place with a lower price?

Examine the parking brake pad surface and if it's not worn down to the rivets, just reuse it. Since it's not a heavy wear item, unless you live in Frisco or other hilly places, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Are you looking at replacing all the hardware and cables, too? Then you might want to go to stainless to avoid rust corrosion problems in the future. I'll have to look up rotor run-out specs later, but maybe someone will get to that first.

BTW, have you gotten the video I sent earlier this week, Frank?


I got the video yesterday afternoon. I watched all 3 1/2 hours of it. Those were some pretty useful tech videos especially the cam and head install. That will definitely help a lot.

Awesome cars to! that was an awesoem build on that Cabarello with that 454. Dont I wish I had a chassis dyno in my garage for tuning!

That was a sweet one about that Hot Rod and the model with the flaming bikini.

I loved it, its going to help with my future build.

thanks a lot bullit


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