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Hard Top Glass


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Mar 26, 2001
Lake Hopatcong, NJ
1962 CORVETTE-SOLD 2004 Z16 Z06 CE
I would like any and all info anyone can offer on replacing the glass in a hard top for a 62, shops that do it, places to buy it so on and so forth.

see '53-'62 forum.


53 to 62 forum or technical discussion?
Just doing my job....

;) (Darn computers) :J
And Where Would That Be?

Could you elaborate on the whereabouts of this forum....'53-'62? I just get the posts.

Darn Computers, worst darn thing ever invented:confused
we are there

We seem to have 2 threads on the same topic. I'll combine them after I get off work today.

Try Glssworks in PA. They will do it for you or sell parts. Having them restore your whole top can be expensive , like 3K or more. Rich

I gave them a call and got prices on from just buying the glass to a complete rebuild. The hard top I was looking at was sold so I guess I'll have to look at Carlisle this weekend.:)

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