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There seems to be some interest stirring up between some enthusiasts and collectors for the 1999 and 2000 series Hardtops, the first two years other than the Z06 for a hardtop. The '99-'00 is the first hardtop, fixed roof, off the Corvette assembly line since 1963-1967, which actually was a hardtop fastback. Not a bubble type like the '99 and '00.

There's a site that I am a member on that recognizes the FRC's separately from the Z06's, verts, and coupes on a separate forum. There is now a registry there also for FRC's, separate from the Z06 registry, that hardtop owners can join. The registry is growing quickly and has 74 members at this time. Any hardtop owners here that want to register their hardtop can do so at this link. http://www.z06vette.com/frc_registry.php
The people there are great.

Also, here is a rare hardtop that Kerbeck is selling. Check it out. http://www.kerbeck.com/2000frcoupe.htm

Only a little over 6,000 units for the two years were made. That's only 12% of total production of Corvettes for 1999 and 6% for 2000. The car was described by GM as stiffer, lighter and more for off road racing.

Just thought I'd share this info with all of the hardtops enthusiasts out there.

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