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I have a 1979 L 82 4 speed. I know the tranny is a Borg warner T-10 but how do I find out the ratio??? Is it Close or Wide? I'm putting in a 350 HO deluxe crate motor and want the tranny to be rebuilt or replaced. No one i have talked to can help me....
Everybody tells me different info...help if you can..
I would think that if you got the numbers off of the trany and posted them here that someone could help you with it.
Also another choice would be to see if the tank sticker is still there, and try to retrieve it or just drop the fuel tank and read it if you don't want to take it off.
When i had my 79 I took the spare tire carrier off and reached up to feel if the tank sticker was still there you could try this and if it is just drop the fuel tank.

I'm afraid thats all i could come up with.
catfish, get the # off the trans and post them, i will be glad to look them up and let you know what you have if possable. robert
'79 trans

If it is the original trans you only have 1 choice. In '79 you could have either the automatic or the M21 close ratio 4 speed at no extra cost. No wide ratio was available.

according to the black book, a 4 speed was standard and the m21 was an option along with the auto.


I didn't read far enough. The M21 close ratio was only available with the L82 (4062 made) but the M20 wide ratio was available with either engine (8291 made).

The production code is stamped on the left side of the top rear of the case.

HS=2.64:1 (wide ratio)
HW=2.43:1 (close ratio)

Either trans should handle your crate motor for spirited street driving. If you are thinking of drag racing with slicks then you may need something more like a Richmond.

Sorry for the misinformation.

Thanks to all who replied. Your knowledge has proved helpful and your time toanswer my post is most appreciated..
Should be a code stamped on the tranny case similar to mine:


W=Borg Warner
20=day of month
2=close-ratio unit (1 would be the wide ratio)

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