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Headers and side pipes



I have decided to go with the Dynomax headers that several of the forum members have suggested. NOW the question is where do I find the mufflers and side pipes for my 1980. I know it isn't stock - I don't care - I want them anyhow.
If you are awAre of a source and pricing - please let me know

The only company that I am aware of that makes sidepipes is Hooker. You can get them from all kinds of places or even local speed shops. Try Summit, Jegs, or even Jet-Hot has them now ready to go with the spiffy ceramic silver coating....they look sharp too! They also come in painted black and chrome. The drawbacks are that painted black ones will look like poop in no time, chrome turns blue and doesn't last as well if you drive it a lot or in bad weather. I have the Jet-Hot coated ones and after 3 years as a daily drive they are in need of recoating, the area right behind the front tires is where it looks bad after a while, the rest is just fine.




I had Hooker sidepipe headers on my driver '67 427 back in '80. They were chrome and I was surprised that they didn't blue as bad as you would think. Only a short distance from the head and then it was kind of a yellowish thing. And yes, I drove this car year around except in snow storms if I could help it. Spent a lot of time washing under the car and cleaning under the hood where everything was also chrome. Actually the engine compartment chrome was easier to keep clean than the painted areas. Got washed and wiped down every time it was used.

Wanna see? http://www.corvetteforum.net/bss/59ttom/index5.shtml

All of my engine pics are on transparencies, but I'm working on it.

I emailed Hooker May 8 at flowtech@support.holley.com asking about sidemounts. Their web page for sidemounts was and still is down.

Here is what I asked:
I tried to access sidemounts page at Hooker website...not available or something. Anyway, I'm interested in a set of sidemount exhausts for 1971 Corvette with small block, auto tranny, AC, PS. What is part number? Where can I view them / their specs on web? Can I get sidemounts that do not require headers?

They replied three days later; here's their entire response:
the header was a 2224 and the side pipe is under part number 50735 and the muffler is part number 21002. Thanks.

Note the response does not indicate chrome or black...nor answer the headerless question. I checked online prices at Summit; again no indication of chrome or black. Through other means I have determined that 21002 is a pair of steel slip in mufflers for small block. Pair of sb glasspack slip-ins is pn 21021. BB steel slip-ins pn 21003.

Summit prices:
50735 (pair of sidetubes) = $193.69
2224 (pair of headers) = $380
21002 (pair steel mufflers) = $156.39
21021 (pair of gp mufflers) = $129.39

BTW, Hooker is apparently married with Flowtech and both are under Holley umbrella. IMHO, I don't care for headers on street car...but would like the side pipes...Hooker used to make such a setup...but cannot tell from their response if still available. Hope this helps some.
I ordered them about 2 months ago directly from Jet-Hot. I got a better price than if I ordered them from Summit etc and shipped them to Jet-Hot. I ordered the new "chrome" finish. It looks good but it ain't anything like chrome, many minor surface irregularities. Jet-Hot has several locations so the shipping isn't too bad. I have already mounted them. Only issue is two of the bolts used to mount them to the Edlebrock heads (even though I used SRP 12 point small head (3/8ths) had to be ground down and I had to use a punch and hammer to make a slight indent to get the bolt on.
What is the ground clearance with the side pipes installed? Should I go with side pipes or duals? How is the heat coming up from the sides? Didn't the Viper have a heat problem with side pipes?
If you buy the Hooker side pipes, you must also buy the Hooker Sidemount headers.

If you want to keep your stock manifolds, then just get the elgeneric JC whitney side pipes... they bolt right up, or check the sponsors for factory style side pipes... these also bolt right up. These are your only options.

I went with Hookers. I am quite happy. I recently pulled the glass pack mufflers out out, and installed wide open side tubes. It sounds INSANE.


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