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Headers, Brackets & Pipes, Oh My



OK, I know we have hashed out the "which headers & pipes" issue numerous times. So I wont kick that dead horse. However, now that I am thinking down the line of that being my next area to tackle, there is one item that I still have not been able to find out.

With the stock A/C setup on my '73, is there a bracket that someone out there is using that they know works? I am thinking about using the later model (early 90's) shortie header or block hugger's. The Corvette shortie has a raised boss for the bolts that might work with the stock brackets, but I dont know for sure.

So, who of you is running headers and A/C and how do you have it setup from a bracket standpoint?
This has been hashed in many articles over the years from various sources - you are not going to see much performance value in going with shorty or block hugger headers. Might as well leave on the cast iron manifolds and save your money for other things. They will look good, but that's about all. Not worth the money in my opinion.

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