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headlight alternatives



As you may know I replaced the pop-up lights with fixed "daytona" units and H4 lights primarily for weight reduction.
I have also been wanting to utilize the parking/turn signal grill area for brake ducting and a cold air feed.
What I did is got (2) 3/4inch high by 4 & 3/4 long LED third brake light units (with an amber lens) and mounted them above the H4 lights in the tubs. I made smoked acylic covers for the tubs as well. These lights will now be the directional signals.
Then I ripped out the grills and lights below and put in wire mesh and mounted mini white driving lights in the middle behind the mesh with a brake duct on the outside and cold air on the inside.
I haven't tried it out yet as the car is levitating on jack stands waiting for my driveshaft.
Looks pretty cool though, maybe a little "ricer" but what the hay.
Sounds really cool. How about some pics?

My buddy is thinking of doing away with his pop up lights as well and has been looking for ideas.

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