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Fast Ed

My 76 has what looks to be 2 proximity switches that look to pick up when the lights are up. True? Secondly are they necessary? if so can they be bypassed by shorting the wires around them? The clip I picked up does not have them.
There wasnt enough of the lights left from the wreck to be able to tell exactly what the intended purpose was.
Are these switches by the headlamp doors themselves? If they are they are probably the headlamp warning light switches.

They are designed to let you know if your lights do not open. There is a light in the gauge cluster, I think on the right side, that lights up as the lights up if the doors don't open.

Tim is correct. The light on the dash comes on as soon as you pull the headlight switch, it then goes off after the headlight get to the fully open position. They are not absolutly needed, just don't plug them in and the light won't come on. The switch, while in transition, is what completes the circuit. Do not jump across the plug as the dash light will stay on............Steve

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