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Head's & Cranks


Motor head!!!!
Feb 13, 2001
Valencia, CA,USA
88 Convert ( SOLD ) /1973 coupe 4 speed/1964 Vert!
Around the 76-80 years...

Are all the cranks forged in Corvettes?

Or is it engine specific L-48 Cast L-82 Forged?

Same with the heads...

Which FACTORY heads are 64 cc or were they all bigger..lo-po smogified engines.


Are all the heads & cranks about the same and it was the cam that made the difference in output?

What about the head casting anything to look for ( or stay away from )?

I cannot speak specificly to the later years but for the 73 year L48 and L82 differences, check out this page on my web site: http://www.corvetteforum.net/c3/vette73/compair.htm

The L82 used the heavy duty parts, forged crank, Alum. impact extruded pistons, and 4-bolt mains. It also had higher compression and big valve heads. And, of course, the cam was much wilder (as as the 350ci/350hp engine of '69).

The power differences come from the cam, the higher compression, and the bigger valves. Not a whole lot of differences there. But the L82 had the heavy duty parts, which did not add to hp but did add to engine liveability under hard driving conditions.

All 76-82's use the 462624 76cc 1,94x1,5 valved smog heads (open chamber) Stay away from these heads, they're lightweight thin castings and are very prone to cracking!

The L82's use a forged crank, L48, L81 & L83 use a cast crank.

L82 has pink rods, others have X-rods.

L82 & L83 have 464664 forged L82 TRW 2 relief flat top pistons, others use cast 4 valve relief pistons.

L82 is 4 bolt, others are 2 bolt. The 2 bolt blocks have a higher alloy content and are once converted to splayed stronger than a regular 4 bolt!

My 71's L48 350 came with cast crank (c/n 3932442) , 2-bolt block (c/n 3970010), 76cc small valve heads (c/n 3973487), cast pistons (as opposed to impact extruded aka forged), iron intake w/Qjet, low-performance hyd cam.
Heads 101

These are the heads 333882 what chambers are on it? 64 or 76cc? and what kinda valves.

My engine book list's a TON of applications for this head...

And where do you find this secret info... short of popping em off?

Thank You!

Been busy as a bee....... forgot about this!

Another chunk of info to put these heads in the junk bin.


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