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Heavy Duty U-joint caps



Just got them installed by Art at Van Steel, man those babies are nice and I doubt they would ever break. Here's some pics....


Also got my rear diff check out by them, turns out that some dufass at the tranny shop left a big washer on the pinion mount and the driveshaft was hitting it....couldn't get my fat head up there to see it though. :D
Crossed Fingers

Good to hear you are Road Ready..

The Rare is still in the shop.. her :booty comes out this afternoon, they thought they found the problem.. and replaced 3 u-joints... NOT THE PROBLEM... HELLO.. HELLO

I better SHUT UP and sign off. :mad

Early Days


I remember back in the early 60's that it seemed all the corvettes kept blowing U-joints at the drags. There was no easy fix. Of course these were modified high power cars and with that excellent traction something had to give. There was one guy that finally figured it out.... he was using HD Mack Truck parts.

It looks like Van Steel has the right fix..... looks good!
Bud- sure hope you get your clunk figured out, try the front pinion mount one more time just for me...please ;)

Greyghost- I figure the weakest link in the driveline is the u-joints and those crummy stamped straps. Art is a good guy and really knowledgable about the Corvettes, he's got a good thing going.

This week; fluid changes and tune-up....oh ya more grease on me :D
Rear End is Out Verdict is in

The Differential Cross Shaft is bad...

If they can rebuild it, they will if not then new rear end... Won't know until Tuesday...

I told the shop to FIX IT OR REPLACE IT... I would go as deep as 3.08's the stock for the 4-speed is 2.73 I think..


Sorry to hear the bad news, but better to find it now than in the middle of Bubba-ville somewhere. Keep the stock gear ratio unless you plan on building a hotrod, keep your good gas mileage. When I put in my 3.54 gears it gave me fantastic take off but I was also doing 3300rpms at 70mph which really stinks for gas mileage and highway driving, that's why I installed the 700r4.

Still have almost 2 weeks to BG so don't get too worried just yet.
I hope they found it this time, Bud.

Running out of things to change. Good luck.


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