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Help make it fit (manifold, carburetor, air filter) under the hood of '69 big block


vette wife

My husband owns a 1969 coupe, with a 427 big block, that we are trying to restore. Our latest problem was a bad carburetor. We were talked into buying an edlebrock torker II manifold and an edlebrock 1407 carburetor (750cfm manual choke). This package was to fit under our big block hood (not L88) with no problem. It does, but when we try to put on the air filter, the hood won't close. We are about 1/2 inch too high. We need suggestions for an air filter that will fit this package and still let the hood close. Please help !
You can purchase a drop base air filter that allows the air filter assembly to sit lower on the carb. Also, what size air filter are you using? Can you use a slightly smaller air filter in height? Unfortunately, highrise manifolds don't fit well under vette hoods.


Another alternative I have seen which doesn't hinder airflow and also provides an oppurtunity for cold air induction is a side mount air cleaner. (I have an L88 hood and love it...not original though)
Check Summit Race

If you already have a drop base air cleaner and still lack clearance, you could go with a two inch tall element and
supplement airflow with a 14" K&N breathing cover.

Check out summit racing, Holley has a new air filter that uses
dual sided filters. A bit pricey, but very low, trick and unique.

range rat
vette wife,
Just saw your post, so maybe you have found a solution already. If not, maybe this will help. I put the same carb on my 81, the air cleaner I use is a 14" open type 2-1/8" high element and it clears. You didn't mention what you were using, the 14" element comes in hights all the way to 4" so maybe a shorter one will solve your problem.
I had the exact same setup on my 1970 BB - Torker 2, 750 EDL Carb with stock hood. I used a dropbase K and N with a 2.25" high filter element . Hood just closed. Make sure your filter lid bolt doesnt hit the underside of your hood or youll have spider webs in no time (a common occurance). I did a build up on my motor last winter and changed to : New EDL alum. 6045 heads, Air Gap Intake, .25" spacer insulator, 850 Speed Demon Carb with mech. secs. and and L88 hood with fresh air. The performance gain is staggering , plus, it really improves the look of the car. Now.....youre gonna be a nice Vette Wife and let your hubbie get this ..now arent you ???! :)

Email me if you want to see pics of the finished product at Fast1970Vette@webtv.net


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