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Help need for Cannonball Corvette in Indy today


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Feb 14, 2004
Odessa, MO
1970 Laguna Grey Convert., '04 Z06
This is from our local autocross forum from some are long time autocrossers in this area:

Mark Murnahan and Angel Morales need some serious help from all of us. They are on the CannonBall Run One Lap of America in a '07 Corvette Z51 and they need some brake rotors stat. They're on their way to Indianapolis right now and need some brake rotors to remain competative. They've moved up from 45th overall to 29th overall and they plan to keep moving up but need brake rotors.

If you can get them some rotors, or know somebody that can, please call Mark at 1.866.293-2489. He's driving through the night so no hour is too late. Mark's hoping that someobody either near the track, or along the way between St. Louis and Indianapolis will have some.

Now for all of you who read this, if you can please help Mark, Angel, and I out by making this go Viral, spread the word as fast as possible to every car forum you are aware of. They need those rotors for the O'Reilly Circuit in the morning!



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