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Help with '62 Soft Top Adjustment



I have recently bought a '62 with both tops. The soft top needs to have new material installed, but hte problem I'm having is that I can't figure out how to adjust the framework so that the hinge points at the centerline of the door windows will straighten out so the windows can be rolled up completely. I've seen a number of '62's which straighten out completely, so I know that my problem is unique to my car.

Also, are there any good books out there that would give restoration guidance for things such as this???

Jan 1, 2002
Washington, Michigan
'67 Marina Blue Convertible
That condition is quite common, and is usually a result of the plates on both sides of the pivot point above the window being bent. If you don't already have it, you should get the "ST-12" (1953-62 Corvette Servicing Guide), the only shop manual GM ever published on the C1 cars - all the vendors have it. The Al Knoch video on C1 convertible top installation may also have some hints on top frame adjustment, as that's the most important thing that needs to be done prior to installing a new top skin.

Jan 25, 2007
Lakeland Fla
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Soft top adj

Congratulations on new toy. I just finished installing new Al Knoch top on my 60 and had similar issue. John's comments are, as usual, very correct. Go with an Al Knoch top and associated parts, they are is top grade and instructions are included. Video is also very helpful. Make sure windows fit hardtop correctly before proceeding with any soft top work.
Frame adjustment is royal PITA, go to corvette forum C1 and look for similar posts. I had mine off at least ten times. Also, professionals sometimes have to do some serious manhandling to get frames to fit right. Don't know if you will have any luck adjusting frame with installed top, also a age shrunk pad will make your frame shorten up and want to pivot.
Recommend getting new Al K top, fasteners and his top grade tacking strip as needed. This is time to install new weatherstrip if needed. Look at cars similar to yours and take bow and frame measurements. Scribe your frame mounting plates for reference if top frame is coming off. Retap pad screw holes as needed. You may want to do some top well and gas tank related work if frame is off.
Al charges about $500 for top install labor at the corvette shows. His people did a great job on a number of cars at Kissimmee last week.


Thanks to both Toms silver 60 and JohnZ for the replies..... I've always considered myself better than average with my hands and my head (well maybe not the head) but the adjustment of teh soft top with all the hinge points and trying to predict what impacts what has really humbled me !!!! Time to get ahold of the Shop Manual and Al Knoch to get this right. It will be nice to be able to drive without the hardtop or worrying about getting caught in rain without a working top.....

Loren Lundberg

Go easy on the disassembly of the softtop irons. If the two flat pieces above the window are indeed bent, get two pieces of hardwood of the appropriate size, put one on the bottom and one on the top and get the biggest C-clamp that will still fit inside the top irons; tighten it down, let sit for 24 hrs and 98% of your problem will have disappeared. You might want to loosen the screw connections for those pieces so that they may seek "horizontal splendor" more easily.

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