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Help with 92 AC malfunction


Jul 19, 2001
Rockwall, TX
1994 LPE
1992 Coupe with electronic Climate control.

The problem seems to happen as soon as you start the car and gets better the longer the car runs. However it may just decide to go into this behavior anytime on its own. The display intermittently changes from the outside temp to 00 and randomly turns on “Auto”. At this point none of the buttons seem to work. Or it takes 10-30 seconds for a button to take effect. Other times, it functions normally. Any Ideas?

I would appreciate any and all ideas.

Al Hale
Hi Al and welcome to the CAC.......
That's a good question. My Dad is having sort of the same problem with his '93. He was telling me that it kind of works when it wants to & then some of the time it works fine. Unfortunately, I've never delt with this problem before. It sounds like somethimg is shorting out though......

Hi there,
Most likely, you are looking at a HVAC programmer, which controls all your a/c functions.
If for some reason, the programmer goes into diagnostic mode, you will get the '00' that you have described.
I would bet you may have a code inside the system.
However, I would most likely tell you that your programmer is at fault.
Best toyou, c4c5
Thanks. I was afraid of that. Have a guess on the cost and ease of installation?

This web site is outstanding... I am glad to be a part of it!

Cost and location

Hi there,
The programmer is about $250, I think, and the location is directly above the drivers gas pedal.
It is retained by a 7mm screw at the bottom of the black plastic case.
just remember, you have one electrical connector at the top of the case, and a vacuum harness at theright hand top corner. The vacuum harness is retained by a snap clip, and must be cut off to remove the harness. DONT try to just pull it off, or you will break the plastic lines, and then it will be a real pain.
The electrical connector is just a snap in, and should be removed after the vacuum harness.
Let us know how you do, c4c5

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