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Help with Camera mount


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Feb 25, 2001
1993 SuperNatural 400 #5 /99 LS1 Z28 N2O equipped
Just installed a speed marine harness bar that come with a camera mount and fire bottle mount, basically two metal plates on on top and bottom of the bar. any one know where i can get mounts to be able to mount a camcorder to this thing. I nbeed one like what's in a tripod where you can screw into the camera from the bottom. Also anyone know who makes a fire bottle mounts, that one that came with the bottle won't fit. thanks
Super, you should've bought your bar through our local vendor - R-D Racing. I bought my bar and harnesses with fire extinguisher through Dave and haven't had any of the problems you describe. ;)

Can you post a picture of the mounting plates? Maybe we can help you if we see what you have to work with. Otherwise, I would recommend drilling two holes to mount your camera. One hole will need to be taped so you can add a small bolt to it. This bolt is used to align the the camera. The other hole will be to be slightly bigger then the second bolt that will screw into the bottom of your camcorder.

1987 Z51, did the camcorder make it to you in time for your event? How did it work out? Real curious about the shipping time for you.
BubbleHead said:
1987 Z51, did the camcorder make it to you in time for your event? How did it work out? Real curious about the shipping time for you.

Tim, I sent you a "Private Message" the other day. This is what I said:

Hi Tim, no, the camera didn't get here in time for the track yesterday, nor did it arrive today. But I expected that, after all I did wait until the last minute to order it.

It's probably just as well though, I was just a bit preoccupied with my first time on a track with my Corvette.

Judging from what you say about battery prices, I will definitely keep you in mind when I order a spare. That is, if you don't mind?

Thanks again for your help with this. You're a true "gearhead" friend!

:D Ken :w

BTW, I still don't have it. ;)
Well it's basically just a flat plate about 2" x 3" I talked to speed marine and they suggest to get a old tripod mount and screw it into the plate to mount the camera, it's not really a camera mount in my opinion, just a spot to install a camera mount. I think I have found a solution, but I'll post a picture tonight to get some feedback
That's pretty lame. You spend a good chunk of cash on a bar that is supposed to have a camera mount and they tell you to get an old tripod and use it's parts.

i would just drill it out like I posted earlier. I built a remote controlled mount for my Jeep and made the mounting plate the same way I explained. Works great!

Good luck. If you need any more ideas or help, just holler.

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