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Help with my antenna on my 89, please



I've read a lot of posts talking about the antenna and some of the problems with it. I'm still not sure exactly how to fix mine or if I'm just confused about the names of some of the parts.
About once a week when the antenna goes up it will come completely out of the car and hang off the side still attached by the plastic looking strip with gear teeth on one side. When it comes out and falls over, a piece about 2 1/2 to 3 inches comes out also, also with some kind of piece that looks like a nut or cap or something around it. I then with my wifes help, turning the radio on and back off a couple of times am able to get the antenna to go back in. I must be pretty stupid, because I can't figure out how to fix this. Can someone please advise.


I have an '89 but honestly have never repaired one on a 'vette. I have done them on other cars (including my '85 Riviera and they all follow the info provided in the following website


The key is to make sure that there is nothing broken off in the antenna motor or channel and that the links are drawn all the way into the channel. If the motor is tossing out the antenna it is not shutting off correctly. On the older cars there was an adjustment screw or there was something on the link that tripped it off.

You may have to get an antenna replacement--I understand that Zip sells parts.

Good luck, I hope this helps.



My advice would be to replace it. It is less trouble then what you are going through. The antenna, motor, etc. usually come in one piece and it is not that bad of a job to replace it.

Good luck with it..........


Thanks everyone for their help. I spent most of the day under the car and got it out. I think I have it fixed. now.
Thanks again for the fast help!


antenna repair

I have an 87 Conv. that needed replacement of the mast. The nylon filament had broken. It only needed replacement of the mast. A whole new antenna with power antenna motor was NOT needed. This was done by going from the inside and pulling back on the carpet/rear trim panel and disconnecting the wires. From the bottom of the fender and loosening the attachement nuts. Removing the bezel on top of the fender. Then the new mast is placed in place of the old one on the motor assembly. If your car is a convertible its a snap. If it is a coupe it a bit trickier. The specific instructions are in the GM Corvette Service Manual. I would suggest investing a few dollars in it since they are invaluable on things like this. There is also an antenna power motor kit that helps with reassembly of the mast in the motor housing--it should be still serviced by GM. Good luck.

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