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Here is some C1s in full glory

Tom's right billagroom, KEEP 'EM COMING! :upthumbs

I love "the old days"; I have a bunch of drag racing books and video tapes. Have you heard of Don Montgomery? He has a great 7-volume set on SoCal drags in the fifties/sixties. :cool

The captions said these old pix were from Des Moines Iowa. Lots of flat ground there for Drag racing.
Thanks for Sharing, billagroom. Brings me back to me youth. :cry
I Used to race back in the early 70's. :cry .....at Maple Grove.....:cry :cry :cry NEVER WON ANYTHING......:cry :cry :cry
Wished I had the money back that I spent on the stupid car :cry :cry :cry It WASN'T EVEN A CORVETTE :cry :cry
(it was a 66 f++d failane G.T. 390) :cry :cry :cry :cry

But I matured.... and NOW I have a VETTE :Twist :D :Twist :D

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