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heya ken alittle help please!


Gone but not forgotten
Feb 12, 2002
Annapolis Maryland
1987 Redskin Red Coupe
hey ken i just bought an 87 vette 2 weeks ago and coming from camaro's to vettes i'm not tip top sure about how to tell the codes for z51 or z52 suspension. how can i tell if i got any of these packages?

Thanks in Advance!
Mad-Mic, the RPO sticker should be underside of the console lid or underside of rear storage area lid. Read these 3 letter-number codes to see watcha got there. I've always found RPOs great reading! Hope you do too!:)
After you find your option code sticker, check out either Specifications link in the tabs at the top of this page, or my site for 1987-specific options.

_ken :w
thanks fella's!

i'm gonna go check right now cause this thing will take a turn! i'm just interested to really see what i bought. as soon as i get some pics i'll scan'em and post'em for you guys. it's bone stock (for now) but i'm getting ready to fix that. any suggestions on full exhaust like which is best and prices?

Thanks fella's for the help!
1 more question

is the z/51 setup the same as the z/52? i don't see any listings on what actually went into the z/51 setup just the z/52

Thanks fella's! love this site!!!!!!!
i looked and this is what i got.....

ac1 ac3 aq9 au3 bgr b1x b2b b3w b4p cc3 c49 c60 dl8
d74 d9a e5z e9z fg3 gm1 kc4 k34 k68 l98 md8 mx0 na5
pw9 qzd vq4 v01 v73 z52 z6a 1ay g21 g22 64s 74u
bse/clr coat wa-l8748 v8748 622

i matched alot of them up but don't know which rear gear i got. is there a way to find out from these rpo's?
any help decifering the rest is much appreciated!

Sorry, but I can't help you with all of your codes, some I have never seen before. Make sure you are reading and copying the correct numbers/letters or we get nowhere.

  • AC1 - power passenger seat
  • AC3 - power driver seat
  • AQ9 - sport seats (leather)
  • AU3 - power door locks
  • BGR - ?
  • B1X - ?
  • B2B - ?
  • B3W - ?
  • B4P - radiator boost fan
  • CC3 - ?
  • C49 - rear window defogger
  • C60 - air conditioning - manual
  • DL8 - twin remote heated mirrors
  • D74 - illuminated driver vanity mirror
  • D9A - ?
  • E5Z - ?
  • E9Z - ?
  • FG3 - Delco-Bilstein shock absorbers
  • GM1 - ?
  • KC4 - engine oil cooler
  • K34 - cruise control
  • K68 - 0105 amp alternator
  • L98 - 350ci, 240hp engine
  • MD8 - ?
  • MXO - ?
  • NA5 - ?
  • PW9 - 16 x 9.5 wheels
  • QZD - P255/50VR/16 blackwall tires
  • VQ4 - ? (UQ4 is the Delco-Bose music system)
  • V01 - heavy-duty radiator
  • V73 - ?
  • Z52 - sport handling package
  • Z6A - window/mirror defogger (coupe)
  • 1AY - ?
  • G21 and G22 - ? (I don't know where the "G" came from, but my guess is interior codes. Mine is I21 & I22 for Graphite/Leather)
  • 64S - ?
  • 74U - dark red matallic paint
  • BSE/CLR COAT WA-18748 V8748 622 - ?

RPO Z51 included B4P, FG3, KC4, VO1, 16x9.5 wheels, heavy-duty suspension, fast steering ratio. It was available on coupes and manual transmission cars only.
A RPO Z52 "sport" handling package combined elements of Z51 with softer suspension of base models. RPO Z52 included the radiator boost fan, Bilstein shock absorbers, engine oil cooler, heavy-duty radiator, 16x9.5 wheels, faster steering ratio, larger front stabilizer bar (except early production), and the convertible-inspired structural improvements for coupes. Z52 was available with coupes or convertibles, automatic or manual transmissions.

Somewhere along the line, I read that coupes with the Z51 package utilized mufflers that had all four of the exit openings functional (I know my original mufflers were fully-functional.), and that the convertibles and non-Z51 cars were equipped with mufflers that only had two of the four openings functional. This was done to minimize the resonance you hear about so often with the aftermarket mufflers. If I ever find that text again, I'll be sure to pass it on. I know that it's in my library of Corvette literature, I just don't know where exactly. :eyerole

_ken :w
thanks fella's!

yeah sorry ken i'll have to go back over the codes my handwriting is horrible...glad i do most of my work on a computer ;) i'm just so happy to get into the history of my vette and eager to learn all about it along with others as i was with my Z/28!!!! oh yeah i snapped some pics overlooking the key bridge here in baltimore today as soon as i get them scanned i'll post'em for you guys!

Thanks again!
Mad-MIc, when you do get the codes, click the link entitled "MY SITE" in my first response to your question. It's got all of the codes for 1987-specific models, including what I was able to decipher from the build sheet. ;)

_ken :w
BGR....Bowling Green
MXO...merchandised transmission, automatic O/D
V73...vehicle statement
1AY...Stock order processing code
Here's a few more I found:

B3W : Advanced Price Sheet Processing Option
1AY : Stock Orders Processing Option (DEALER ORDERED CAR)
Oh, also

BSE/CLR COAT WA-18748 V8748

means basecoat/clearcoat (instead of various lacquer or enamel applications) and the paint color codes and locations. The 18748 should be L8748 for Lower Body Color, the V8748 should be U8748 for Upper Body Color (same color code is used on this car for upper and lower). If you had a stripe or accent you'd have a third code Axxxx.


Thanks guys!!! You guys are great and i'm impressed with all you guys knowledge! I see i have alot to learn :) so did i do ok for 14,500 with 33k in miles for this car? it don't matter really cause i just love this car and can't wait to start tricking it out! I see the 2.59 gear gotta go! I know they are expensive to open up the rear and do work on these vettes can anyone tell me about how much? I know when i got a 3:42 gear in my Z/28 everything between the axles cost around 1000 bucks....yeeeooouuuucccccchhh!!!!......lol :) As the ole saying goes Big Boys have more Expensive Toys....lol :D

Again Thanks Fella's for all your help!!!

Fourteen and a-half isn't bad for the mileage and year of vehicle. Hopefully the routine maintenance was performed regularly (I can't remember if you said you got the paperwork to go with it.) and the normal problems have been addressed that are known to crop up at that approximate mileage; e.g., intake manifold gasket replacement - guaranteed to start leaking eventually, brake linings/rotor condition (depends on the previous owners driving habits), cooling system (If routine flushing wasn't done and the coolant mixture didn't contain an anti-corrosion additive, it is susceptible to problems.), universal joints (Remember, the Corvette has six!), etc..

Good luck with your Corvette and may you have many pleasurable miles in it. :upthumbs

_ken :w

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