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Hints on Long Distance Driving with ZR 1



Since you all have one of these and I am going to make a 1300 mile trip on a car I have barely drove. I feel a little naked, so with a little help from my friends, this trip will be a breeze. So my friends, please give me your knowledge. Thanks in advance.

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Congratulations. I use to drive my 91 ZR-1 back and forth to Orlado, Fl back in 91. Of course car was new bak then. Normally, I use to carry an extra fanbelt and, was it 3/8 or 1/2", drive with me. Never needed it. Actually no-doz and peptobismal tablets came in more handy.
Oh, radar detector is a must.:beer


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Nov 23, 2001
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same post

I posted a thread just like this back in March. I had my 69 more just over two months, only being able to drive it a couple hundred miles in that time, and I was going to make a 500 mile trip. The advice I got was good advice. You Corvette is a Chevy just like any other. Check her fluids, tires and a general inpection overall and you will be good to go. Just carry a cell phone if you have one. Have fun and enjoy the ride!:bu

I just saw that you are in San Diego....yeah I'm jealous. I hope to be stationed out there next summer. I was at North Island for training with HSL43 back in June. Great place to live.


Thanks Stingray,

Yeah SD is cool place to live, the weather is great, the roads are twisty, and the cops stay in near the city. Lot of crotch rockets. And there was a time when newbie military guys were always buying a new bike and becoming instant organ donors or skin graft testers. At one point it was so bad that the sales people at the bike shops were having those buyers get life insurance with them as benificiary. (At least that is the rumor mill around the sport bike crowd). Now its just 4 wheels for me. the drivers are to scary for me.


i gotta tell you, frog, I have done a couple "fast" 10 hour one way trips, and even with a prosthetic left leg, my ZR1 is the most comfortable road car I have owned (including all my Jags I used to have). I guess I am lucky, 'cause the seats fit me perfectly. But the performance and responsiveness of the car make it much less tiring. I never even made rest stops, and was in good shape on arrival. By far the longest (and fastest) trips I have made since my leg was lost in '95.

I had never considered that issue before getting the ZR1, but after the experience, the ZR1 is my first choice... as a driver...

Have fun!


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Well Guys!
After 1350 miles in app 19 hours (speed limit all the way, time includes stops for gas and food) I'm Back! Started out in San Antonio at 8am local and arrived at my house in San Diego, at 2am local. But I was beat.

As stiff a suspension as it was, I was amazed at how comfortable the ride was. Sure, there were road sections that made me feel like I was back in High School in the principals office. But that was mainly near the major cities. The police did not bother me at all. I guess I did not look guilty enough??

Did I push the loud pedal? Well not during the trip. Oh and because I was good, I got a solid 25MPG out of the car. Not bad!!

Would I do it again. Probably not. I should have stopped in Yuma after 12 or so hours. I felt good leaving but then I was all over the place so I stopped and slept and hour. but I was still not right.

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