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Holy carburetion Batman!!



Finally got my custom tuned 780CFM model 3310 dual feed Holly.
It was worth every penny ($400). No bog, smooth acceleration from 1500rpm in fourth, rubber with every shift and smokes them off the line with no effort. Air/Fuel meter is steady as a rock and I got 4 more Hg of vacuum at idle.
Now I understand why Holleys are so popular. Night and day.
Highly recommend Bigs Performance Carbs (715) 835-3726.
I had heard about Bigs and was wondering how good they were. I've been debating if I should go with a Speed Demon or a custom Holley. Thanks for sharing your experience, Redmist. Also, did you supply them with your own carburetor or buy one of thier's outright?--Bullitt
Yes! The Quad carb is a spreadbore .
How do you like your 79/80 Vette???
It is a square-bore carb. The only modifications I had to make to install the carb were to use a 5/8" inch spacer (wanted to do that eventually anyway to reduce heat soak on the carb, it also creates more power in the higher RPMs) and to modify the fuel rail to clear the vacuum advance canister. I also had to modfy the air cleaner base to clear the fuel pressure guage on the fuel rail. I think both these modifications depend on the fuel rail used, the distributor and air cleaner.
The nice side benefit was reduced height so I can put a taller air cleaner and cold air induction.

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