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Hose clamps


New member
Sep 27, 2001
2001 QS Z06
whats the best way to remove the hose clamps? im used to the screw type and was wondering if you can use them on a 93 LT1. My heater hose sprung a leak two days after the serpantine belt busted a week and a half after the rear caliper wouldnt release a month after the opti went out and so on and so forth.
What type of clamp are you talking about...the large radiator hose can be removed with pliers (pinch clamps) and the small ones can be removed by using a screwdriver or 7 or 8 mm socket on 1/4 inch drive. We usually replace the factory screw clamps with high quality made in the USA standard style hose clamps.

Good Luck. I hope your car quits dying on you. :)

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