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May 13, 2002
Fenton, Mich
'02 Torch Red Roadster w/lt oak and a C5-R 427
Hello all, a new member here. Just got these pics of my new baby today. Should be running her soon. That's my wife's Uncle in all the pics. Thought some of you may want to see one being born.
got 5 pics in all. This is #2
pic #3
last one as it waits to leave. Getting pretty anxious to get it.
Way Cool!!!!

Now that's what I say sticking through the whole birthing process..

I can easily see why you are having a hard time waiting... it's real nice!!!

I assume Uncle works at the plant??

OOOOPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSSS.... had to edit the post to ensure that you felt warmly welcome here!
Welcome to the absolute best Vette site on the web... :beer

Welcome Bret, I hope you enjoy your new edition to the family. Nice touch with the "delivery room photo's".:L Nothing like having an Uncle in the business eh? Best of luck, see ya 'round the site.:upthumbs
Thanks Tanzanite and Rowdy. These are birthing pics I'll actually look at from time to time. lol I'll post some more when I get her home.
My wife's uncle was transferred there when GM spun off Delphi. Been there 3-4 yrs. That's a happy birthday message he wrote on the wheel well.
Wayyyy cool !!!

Brett First welcome to the forum. Those are some pictures that will always be treasures. :cool
Wow, great pictures. I see why you can't wait. Congrats and enjoy when you get it. Welcome to CAC.
Welcome to the Corvette Action Center Brett. Keep those pictures. They will make great conversation on the NCRS judging field in 20 years.


Welcome to the site this place is cool.

Your wife's uncle doesn't have any other available daugthers, does he?? :s
Thanks for the warm welcome. Now maybe I can help some others out. A little background- my wife's family came from a GM background. Her grandfather, father , 1 aunt and uncle all retired from GM with 2 other uncles nearing retirement( one is in the above pics). We have owned 4 GM vehicles over the years- some on discount, some not.
Anyways, whenever I inquired about getting a vette on discount, the dealers always said it will never happen. When my wife's uncle started working at the Bowling Green assembly plant he would constantly ask me when I was going to get one. My standard response was " when they offer it on Option 1 discount". Well last fall a coworker of his told him about a dealer that would honor the discount to qualified buyers. The funny part is it's up here in the Motor City and quite a few of the plant workers are coming up here to buy them.
If any of you guys/gals are interested and qualify for the GM discount then email me for specifics.
Made me smile!

Welcome Roadster Fan,
...that has to be the best! You're getting a Corvette, but it is also personalized by a family member! How much more special can it get?

btw...that has got to be the cleanest birth I've ever seen!
That is sooooooooo cool.

Just think, 30 years from now somebody may be putting that car back together for the second time and taking the same kind of in process pictures.
Hey Brett, I know what you mean. A new one without the discount can be a little much. I ended up getting mine one year old with 2035 miles on it. Saved me about $15000. Your deal is definitely priceless though. Where else can you get your dream car "custom" made. The pictures are incredible. You are very lucky! Have fun. Maybe I'll wave to you on 23 on our way up north. We are only about 90 miles away from each other.

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