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HP rating for 396???




That was a good piece of information. Just a small update about the ride. Same things I said before to include set of Hedman headers,straight back (H-pipe), msd ignition. I'm hoping that my HP is around the same as the 65.....

I still haven't bought a hood. I like the L-88 that Eklers advertises. It is supposed to have 4 1/8 inches of clearance...not so sure about how they measured it. Other places (JC whitney,Yahoo super hoods) advertise 2 1/8-2 1/4 over my stock hood. Wondering if it's just a differ place they are taking their measurements from.

Anyway thanks for the info........Hopefully I can verify and post the data....working on a digital camera with the wife.It's hard with my golf habit.

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