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Full Bull

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Dec 7, 2001
San Antonio, TX
folks...this is pretty incredible! I'm the new guy...said I was going to dallas this week to pick up my new 1995 torch red coupe. So, I'm looking through the site tonight...under the specifications link, look at the 1995 specs, note that there's a link to '95 corvette photos and BAM! There sits the car that I'm going to pick up!! It's at the auto showcase in Arlington Tx...and these are the photos of MY car!! Holy cow, you could have knocked me over with a feather!! Need to find out who put those pics in the link...and where did they get them.?? This is a pretty incredible coincidence...is it not?? I'm supposed to pick up the car this Thurs/Frid...would like to find out who posted these ASAP. Thanks!

All pictures that are in the archive have been added by me. Some of them have been sitting on floppy disks since the late 1990s, others have been submitted to me and some have come from EBAY auctions. Chances are, if the pictures are of a car sitting in front of a dealer, they came from Ebay.

I try to only use Corvettes that are stock and that I feel, represent the marque well.

Rob...how do you get the photos from Ebay? Do you know anything about the car itself, or you just have the photo?

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