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HVAC Actuator replacement tips/help?



I am getting the following codes from my HVAC unit: B0367 and B0446. I've done my research and know that the right actuator isn't functioning - hence freazing cold air to the passenger only. I've tried all the tricks (disconnect battery, clear codes, pull the fuses, etc) with no luck so I'm relinquished to trying to replace the actuator. I've purchased a new HVAC Control Module and both the passenger and driver's side actuators figuring I might as well replace everything while I'm at it. (Insert personal moto: If its worth doing, do it well and right the first time).

I don't have the service manual so I was hoping someone could give me a little write-up on the best way to get to the actuators. I have someones write up for the drivers side by going through the kick panel, but nothing on how to get to the passenger side. I know the manual recommends disassembling the entire dashpad - but I would prefer not to tackle that large of a job. I'm hoping there is a way to get to everything through the center console by removing the radio and HVAC unit, and possibly the glove box.

Can anyone let me know if this is possible, or have advice on how to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance! :pat


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Apr 24, 2014
United States
1998 red coupe
Passenger blend door replacement

I am having exact same problem and thinking about doing myself.. were you able to complete.. any suggestions?

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