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HVAC - question



Maybe stupid but i wonder....
If it is 10deg. C outside....I have the roof off.....I ask the HVAC for 20deg C...wath will hapen ? Does the HVAC go bananas or will it djust blow hot air in to the car ?
Should blow hot. A lot of people run A/C in summer with the top down just to move some cool air through the cabin. I just drive fast:cool
I once tryed to drive so fast that it schuld get warmer in the car.
The law took my driverslicence. No god...infact no god at all.
I´m back...
Tryed to make a serius test on the HVAC today

1. Cold engine, HVAC OFF, the enginefan was off. Wen i start the HVAC in auto the enginefan goes on. Wen i then put the HVAC in OFF the enginefan is still on. Is that OK ??

2. After a few minutes driving whith the HVAC in auto (engine warm) the AUTO starts to flash, codes say 02, 04, 06 and 10
The air coming from the heater is hot for a minute and then it is getting cold and so on.

3. Were are the sensors lokated. Outside temp sensor and In-vehicle temp sensor ???

4. If i ask the HVAC for 20 deg and it is 5 deg outside the A/C kompressor schuld be off. I think. Butt the tubes are frosen. It is ice on them. Is that OK ??

Does enything of this make sense.
Ok thanx...
If the freon is low schuld there be a code 09 ??
I have also notced today that the A/C kompressor sometimes is warm. Not hot but warm.
The strange thing is that somtimes it sems to work OK. Took a ride this afternon for abaut three houers and the HVAC behaved nice. Had the roof off and the HVAC in AUTO and the temp on 24 C.
Is it possible to do something wrong in handling the HVAC ???
In that case i will have it looked over. I have a code 09 sometimes.
Thanx, you are very helpfull.
By the way, now i know wat "CORVETTE FEVER" is. Took a fren d for a ride yesterday. He would not leave the car after a 30 min ride.

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