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Hypertech power programmer



This may need togo in the C4-Mods forum, and if it does, my apologies.

I've been trying to find a Hypertech Power Programmer for my 85 coupe, but I can't seem to find any anywhere, seems like the earliest year model I can find is 96. I need one for the L98, not the LT4/LT5.

Does anyone know where I could look to find one.??

I've also heard that these write the VIN number to memory, and therefore cannot be used on more than one vehicle: does this mean that I couldn't find one used?

Thanks for any insight/leads.

Sorry to say there is no programer for the C4. But what there is a a replaceable chip that installs in the vehicles ECM (computer) that already has the power tuning data that controls the engine's air/fuel ratio and spark advance for max power. You can either obtain it from Hypertech or Jet .
When I had my 85 C4 it sure woke it up and I really did notice a power gain. I used a Hypertech Chip called the Thermomaster and also installed their 180 degree thermostat. You can go to their webb site and check it out. Hope I was helpful:beer
follow up

So if there's no standalone programmer, does anyone know of any 'workarounds' to hack into the computer. I'm sure most of the rice-rocket runners have probably had to overcome similar hurdles, so I'm guessing (maybe niavely) that there has to be some way to reprogram, rather than just adding a cookie cutter chip.

Any thoughts?



I'm not familiar with what's in a C4 and C5 computer but have a good bet. This is electronically accurate, even if not what's in a Corvette.
Back in the 60's - 70's microcircuits were developed. To make them user customizable, prom's (programmable read-only memory) were invented. The user could 'burn' in a custom program. Once the chip was altered (actually circuits were toasted into an unalterable configuration), it could withstand being disconnected from the power source and 'live' forever or until fried or squashed. Reprogramming was not possible by any trick.
Then chips became complicated and expensive, so it seemed nice to be able to reuse them. And eproms (electronically programmable read-only memory) were invented. So a previously recorded prom could be reprogrammed
Sounds like prom for C4 and e-prom for C5. If that's accurate, buy a new chip for the C4.
Also, doesn't this sound like CD-ROM and CD-RW? The concept is the same. The material science is different.
Pardon the rambling, couldn't hold back the old memories.
The chips in the c-4 are eproms that can be erased with ultraviolet light and reprogrammed. I currently have several laying around for an 85 auto. I replaced the stock eprom in mine for the hypertech version and am pleased with the performance increase.
One of the moderators, Jeff makes custom eproms for those in need.

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