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I Failed!!!!!



I put the old 79 through the Smog Nazi test. Yes Vancouver area B.C. Canada has a very strict test. They are a little easyer on older cars like mine. when I bought my Vette it was running like crap missing, sputtering and it looked like a lightning storm under the hood. But some how it had passed and it was good for a year. I rebuilt the old mecanical distributer, new cap+rotor,new coil, new wires+plugs(Could not Believe where the plugs were or the wires for that matter one went through the motor mount!!!) Rebult the carb and I think this is were the problem happened. The car purrs like a kitten and well I'm going to need new tires soon. I was positive it would pass no problem HA were dealing with NAZI'S here. Driving test: Hydrocarbons: 66.00 PPM Pass. Carbon Monoxide:0.17% Pass. Oxides of Nitrogen: 960.00 Pass. Idle Test: H.C.: 453 PPM Fail. Max alowable 345 PPM. C.O.:0.46% Pass. The book Haynes said to set the idle jets at 4 turns obviously to much. I turned them both in 2 turnes before it affected the idle so I figure I'm good to go. What do you folks think. At 24$ per test I want to pass the next one.


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Jan 30, 2001
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billagroom said:
At 24$ per test I want to pass the next one.

Good luck with your smog trials and tribulations. As for the cost; mine gave me trouble this year at $50 a pop. Twice!! :(




I think you're right, what you want to do is lean out the idle. Most SMOG motors today don't have those adjustments on carburators. You might want to advance the timing a little bit for the test. Also, there are some fuel additive products on the shelves especially made for passing emissions tests.

Is that cheating?

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Boy am I glad that I live 4 counties over from Houston!!! :) Thank goodness we don't have emissions testing where I am yet. Actually 2 counties over they do. Hopefully we won't have to have them for a long time to come. Good luck on the next test, billagroom. :w


I bought my '77 vette in Feb. and needed emissions test here in Northern Virginia to get new tags and registration...It didn't pass the first time, so I put a can of this "guaranteed emissions test stuff" in a full tank of gas and drove it hard for a week and tryed again....still didn't pass.....bottom line.....I had to have the old Rochester Q-jet rebuilt by Holley to the tune of $450 and finally got it passed....I must say though, what a difference in performance....jusy my 2 cents($450) worth...Keith


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Jan 15, 2001
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When I retired I moved back to Ohio from TN. we didn;t have testing in Tn. but do in Ohio. I applied for a collectors tag which all vettes are consider collectors and got it , it didn;t cost any more and exempt you from testing.

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