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I kinda feel ripped off.



Welp, I was so worried about not getting the shaft on finacing that I completely over looked the "value guard" check box on my extended warrenty.

GMPP is now telling me there is no possible way to upgrade to major guard and i'm just out of luck. And when I called Ron Carter (the dealer) the guy I delt with is convenitenly "no longer with us", and they cant help me either.

I know its my fault for not paying attention, but the fact that no one is even putting forth a effort to try and help gives me a feeling of being ripped off.

For you guys that have bought GMPP Major Guard on your C5 how much did it cost you? I paid $1300 for my Value Guard and doubt I'll ever end up using it.


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Aug 4, 2004
Oregon WI
2007 Silver MT Coupe; 2006 Trailblazer SS
Had it on my 2002 coupe and never used it. Think it was around $1500. I traded it off with just over 36,000 miles in March 2005. At just over 36,000 (like 36,080) the leather on the passenger side windshield pillar let loose. I took it in for repair and was told the extended warranty doesn't cover upholstery. Technically correct. It only cost me $75 to have it repaired at an aftermarket shop. It cost the dealer, however, a new vette. I did not buy my new one there for that very reason, and we have purchased many vehicles from that dealership over the years. At the very least, I would have appreciated it if they would have offered to "split the cost" to keep me as a customer.

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