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I need advice...77 BB 402 Carb



Trying to decide which carb to use.
I already have a 750 cfm edelbrock in the garage. Mechanic is saying Holley 780-800 double pumper.
I have a BB 402. Heidman headers, 427 heads. Looking for power of course. I just don't quite understand what I'll be gaining or missing with the Holley camparing to what I already have.
Will it be a big differ. between the two carbs?
How about a double pumper as opposed a regular carb.
Just trying to figure things out.

Any help will be much appreciated..



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Jul 3, 2001
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I am no expert by any means. However, I have heard time and time again that the double pumper is going to be much more performance oriented for maxing out your wide open throttle and throttle transition performance.

The Edelbrock is a difficult devil to tweak. You may get lucky right away, or spend countless hours on the tech line with them swaping out different jets, rods, springs, etc. to get it to dial in.

In the end it is all about personal choice and preference. Everybody has a favorite brand.

I think however for just cruising around and "daily" driving, the Edelbrock will be a more mild and tame carb.



Hey Mate

look at how you plan to drive your car, if your going to do street drags, 1/4 mile stuff then sport the holy, it isnt always easy to tune, they tend to leak at the rear seal it wil get funny on you from time to time for street driving,stop n go traffic but for drags, and short runs it works super.

The E brock peformer series are like the old carter AFB carbs they work very good on the street you can tune /dial them in real easy they offer pretty good performance they dont flood as easy and you can easlly change out meatering rods you can re jet if you want a larger flow or smaller flow

if your running a big block look at your head flow an EB 650 should do the trick if you feel you need to then jet up a bit call the cats at EB tech line and they will hook you up

one thing about Vettes, cams, carbs we have come a long way in tech items since 1964 but people still live on myths big carbs!! bigger cams!! I drive the streets hills and beaches of my little spot of the world and I look for things I can trust I trust a EB performer to run good every day, I had one on my Jeep and it never failed me. I tried Holys, and Rodchesters they always failed after a few months., go read "Smokeys Yunniks" book on secerts of speed it's a few yrs old but it will open your eyes from the master of speed. Bottom line run what best suits your driving.

Good luck mate..:beer :drink


Thanks guys,
Still not sure. My buddy has a 850 Demon for sale..It's a thought.



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