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I need help from '69 owners!!!!!

Sting Ray

Well-known member
Feb 8, 2001
Upstate NY
1967 Red Convertible
I need to know how the front grill brakets attach and with what. The AIM is not real clear on this or the order, as I already have to take off the bumperettes I am sure. Pics would be great also.


Tom McCabe

Hang in there, somebody here will answer you. I bought my car with the entire nose already destroyed, and I think I have the right stuff to put it back together but not 100% for sure. I don't want to lead you wrong here.

Well, here is the scoop so far. I installed new bumpers, bumperettes, etc, as I had nothing when I bought the car. I also got the replacement parking lense/blinker bracket. There is a bracket on each side of the bumperette that holds the grilles in, and they are also supported through the blinker mount on the outside edges. The bracket from Paragon lists for about $50. I have a pair on the way to me, so will have to let you know what happens then.

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