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I need help with a fuel leak on top of driver side tank 2004



After changing the routing on my stock fuel lines with the ECS fuel system incorporated, I ended up with a fuel leak. (ECS fuel system has nothing to do with the leak) The leak only happens when the tank is full to the top. Today when I filled up with gas, I started seeing a puddle form under the driver side tank. The leak does not happen any other time or any other way that I have found. I must have pulled something loose when I was working on the pressure line. I do not see any leaks when the car is running

I checked the connection on the filler neck, it looks dry. Anyone have photos of the fuel tank top with the 2004 fuel system?

Has anyone ever cut an access hole from the trunk area to access the top of the tank? I really do not want to attempt dropping the fuel tanks, I’ve heard the cross-over tubes are a big pain. I figure repairing the access hole would be much easier than dropping the tranny and everything else.

Any help is appreciated

**** I found the leak coming from were the cross tube connects to the tank. Any advise how to drop the tank?****

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