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I Need some more Umph

Aug 29, 2001
Norcross, Georgia, United Stat
2017 Arctic White Grand Sport
I may have misunderstood my mechanic but I think he told me you can get 250 hp crate motor from GM in the $1,300 - $1,500 range complete with warranty. Installation is extra.



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Oct 24, 2000
81 4 speed

I found the article in the tech section of www.thirdgen.org there is lots of good info on the site.

The QuarterMaster is a bit brutal for the street but as I only use my Vette occasionally I can live with it. What I will say though is that it is a superb piece of kit and for once actually looked worth the money I paid.





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May 12, 2002
Central NY
I just installed a gm goodwrench engine in my 80. I got the engine delivered and still paid $1500. I then upgraded the cam. Im happy with it. It was just right for my budget. There is a huge difference from the 190 hp stock engine. The gm goodwrench is rated at 250hp and 350lbs torque. The aftermarket cam gave it about 15 extra horses. Im looking to install headers soon. I bought it from Jim Pace. Look them up online. They also have vortec heads drilled out for old style intake manifolds!

Dave L.

Part# 10067353 GM crate engine

mmvette80- I am also considering that motor for my car.its hard to beat the price.what intake and carb are you using?in one of latest Car Craft magazines they pumped out about 300 hp with some tweaking to that motor.I would be happy with around 275 for my car.


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Feb 25, 2002
Cleveland, Ohio
ZZ4, 700R4, Steeroids rack & pinion, VB&P Brakes
my less than 2 cents...

I didn't catch where you were trying to stay around, but may I offer a few suggstions from my experience with this same thing.
Preface: I'm not all familiar after 80 how the computer did everything, so what I say might not apply correctly. My apologies in advance if that's the case...

1) Better breathing up front means more exhaust opening. And the reverse is true. If you are going to open up your exhaust, open up your intake. Drop the snorkel air intake setup and go to a open-element K&N. Also, your original Q-Jet was a 750cfm carb. Better breathing requires more fuel. You may be limiting yourself with the Holley 600.

2) If you are thinking about dropping money on heads and whatnot (the top half), be sure your bottom half is up the the task. From what I recall, a decent set of heads is gonna run you about $1K. If you're gonna do heads, might as well do the bottom. But if not, Edlebrock has a nice Performace Package that included heads, manifold, and I think the carb. Spec'd on the 350ci was somewhere in the neighborhood of 300+ hp. Summit Racing has the specs...

3) for all the rigamarole that you may go through doing all this aftermarket to your engine, by the time it's all said and done, it's really hard to beat just buying a brand new ZZ4 crate engine from GM with 0 miles on it. Then you're talking 355hp, 405lb/ft torque. And it's ALL NEW! Just drop it in and go play in traffic! Plus, you'll have a backup 350 to do what you want with. Sell it, keep it, do whatever. If you sell it, you apply that to the cost of the ZZ4 engine and you just saved yourself some more bucks. Also, the ZZ4, as great as it is, still has plenty of upgrade potential for down the road. I got mine for about $3300 delivered fresh in the crate to a dealer for me. Ya drop it in and ya go. No muss, no fuss, and very few people chuckling anymore at your engine ratings :D

4) Ignition system. Skip the chip. The claims of ANY chip mfg is only after everything else has been done to the car. Check any car forum for that same info. Everyone seems stuck on MSD ignitions. Personally, I prefer Jacobs. I believe they were around first and IMHO, have a much better product. They also GUARANTEE their increases. I'm a believer.

I did my car in the order: Air intake, exhaust, ignition, engine, March pulleys (aesthetic -vs- performance? ehhh...)


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May 18, 2001
1977 Buckskin
The cheapest, and simplest way to get more power out of any car, is a lower rear-end gear ratio.3.08 to 3.55 will seem like you added 100 horsepower. Keep the stock one and in-case gas becomes $3.00 a gallon, you can reinstall it.

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