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I need some Sugestions (can't spell)



i own a 1985 corvette, im my dad is building me some smaller skilled pulleies at the moment,, and i have a K&N filter, what can i do to my engine to make it faster,, in top end, and take off,
I mean what do i start with,, i am going to buy this special comptuer chip, that is suppose to beat C5 corvettes off the line, some guy designed it specially for my year of car,, (please note: that mine car is special, it has a smaller crankshaft, so it really helps on speed, the fastest i had my car top at is 145mph) its tune port injection as well.i am going to put flow masters on my back end,, pretty soon, but i need to know some more things i can do to it,,, i want to ad RAM AIR,, should I add this, the very front of my car,, where it says corvette in the middle , i think that slides off and i can add RAM AIR inductionsystem,, im not sure though,, but i think so,,, i also thought about putting in one of those vortex cold air systems in,, should I do this? is it worth my 300 bucks,,?? any suggestions please do add


I don't think the cold air box mods.
work well for your car since the L98
you have does not employ reverse
cooling like the LT1.

Do a coolant bypass, and install a
fan switch so you can turn on the
fan and keep the engine cooler.

The bypass is $2.00 in parts and
you can do it yourself if you can
change a theromstat. You take
coolant away from the Throttle body,
so the air into your engine is not
heated up by the 210 F coolant!
Cooler air is denser, so you get more
O2 per cubic inch.

Only issue with this mod is you might
have to watch it in the winter, during a
cold start, you don't want the TB butterflies
to freeze from condensed moisture that
froze. So if you cold starting, you have to warm
it up.

You can always do the coolant bypass in Spring
and reverse it for Winter.

Exhaust is a good idea, too.


You may want to do a search on the mini-ram. It seems to be the single greatest improvement to the L98. I've considered it on my 85 but opted to stay pretty much stock. You may also want to check out TPIS for other ideas.:w


What is TPIS??, anyways, my dad is a tool and die maker,, and we own our own shop,, im currently this week taking apart most my intake and valve covers to,, paint it all black,,, anyways,, me and my dad is goign to make a blower that sticks on my tell pipe so it sucks the exhaust out of my engine,,, he works at a place called FASCO here in Missouri, that makes blowers,, for certain things so, i think i can makea blowing system like the 1000 dollar one u can buy, i mean why waste,, that kind of money, and mine are going to be a cloaking sound, and not the queit sound those have,,

plus that reduce pulley system will help me out alot,,right now i have steel pulleies,, im going to change to aluminum,,, i was going to make magnisum puleies,, but im not sure a lighter weight puleey will really be worth the 20 bucks a pulley,, that will cost me in marterial to build them, cause magnesuim isn't cheap, i think what makes it gain 15 horses,, is cuase the main puleies are cut down to size,,,,, ,,, anyways,,, thanks for those imputs, im going to lookin into this, im looking for speed,, thats wha ti want, hehe,, i love speed,, anyways,, umm,, on that ram system,, does the front of the bumper on my car, where it says corvette, does that come off and u can attach soemthing there to suck air,,, or do i have to open up a hole in my hood???

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